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Paula Luchsinger Escobar (Santiago, December 24, 1994) is a Chilean film and television actress, recognized for her participation in the film "El Conde" (2023), the film "Ema" (2019), the series "La jauría" (2020) and many Chilean television series.

She studied Acting at the Theater School of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. Subsequently, she completed a Diploma in Aesthetics and Philosophy at the same University, and a Diploma in Biology of Knowledge and Human Communication at the University of Chile.

In parallel with her university studies, at the age of 20 she debuted on television, beginning a prolific national and international career in cinema and television, which made her be considered by chilean actors as "one of the most promising talents of her generation", being highlighted as "A rising star" on the cover of Wiken Magazine (August 7, 2020) and honored as "Breakthrough Actress" in Chile by the newspaper El Mercurio (May 7, 2022), the country's main newspaper.


During 2019 she released her first film, Ema, filmed in Valparaíso, directed by Pablo Larraín and produced by Fábula, where she played the supporting role of María, a role for which she had to take dance classes and dye her hair completely light blue. The film had its world premiere at the Venice International Film Festival, where it was selected to compete for the 2019 Golden Lion, the Festival's main prize, having a great critical reception.


In 2023 she released her second film, El Conde, directed by Pablo Larraín, produced by Fábula and Netflix, which was premiered at the 80th edition of the Venice International Film Festival on August 30, 2023 (being selected to compete for the Golden Lion 2023 and awarded the Osella Award for best script) and on Netflix worldwide on September 15, 2023. In this, she played the character of Nun Carmen, the antagonistic main character of the film. Her performance was well received by critics for its transcendence, the character's complex personality and demonstrated abilities, as well as its proximity to the portrayal of María Falconetti in Carl Theodor Dreyer's The Passion of Joan of Arc. Highlighting some reviews made by some of the main art and culture magazines in the United States, in which they classified Luchsinger's performance as the most notable in the film. Among these, that of film critic Anthony Lane of The New Yorker magazine, who stated that “No one in the movie makes a more striking impact than Luchsinger”; David Canfield of Vanity Fair, who explained that "The true breakout character of El Conde is Carmencita"; Bilge Ebiri of Vulture Magazine, who described that Luchsinger's performance with “the character of Carmen, the nun, is fascinating"; and that of Justin Chang of the Los Angeles Times, who reported that the character of "Carmen, the movie’s most mercurial and multitasking figure". The film's director, Pablo Larraín, declared to Vanity Fair magazine that "Paula is one of the greatest artists of our language". Luchsinger attended the film's premiere on behalf of the cast at the 80th Venice International Film Festival. During the international press conference, Luchsinger commented to Variety on the importance of the work in the context of the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the coup d'état in Chile, noting that "this is a film that can start a national conversation", adding that "there is a resurgence of the extreme right in Chile and this is a necessary film because it reminds us that Pinochet went unpunished". Likewise, on the red carpet of the film's premiere, the style and elegance of her look was highlighted by Vogue and other Chilean media. For her performance she was nominated for "Best Leading Actress" at the 2024 Caleuche Awards.

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